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U2W upgrade instructions (2.0 official version)

Note: The activation method of the following upgrade method has been changed to online account activation. Please contact your seller to confirm before upgrading.

Only used for U2W (original car wired to wireless Carplay) product upgrade (you can see it on the product body)

  1. Prepare a U disk below 64G (the U disk needs to be formatted as FAT32/the allocation unit size is 1024 or the default configuration size)
  2. Put the Auto_Box_Update.img file into the root directory of the USB flash drive and insert the USB flash drive into the product USB interface
  3. Insert the product into the USB power adapter (do not use the car machine or computer USB interface to ensure that the power cannot be cut off during the upgrade process)
  4. Wait 2-3 minutes until the red and blue indicator lights are on at the same time! Unplug the U disk again
  5. Insert the USB port of the car, and the product needs to be activated when it is started for the first time.
  6. Connect the mobile phone to the WIFI network indicated on the interface, and open the browser to enter or scan the QR code (use the camera of the mobile phone to scan the QR code, and then click Safari above to open or scan through WeChat ) Note: The mobile phone needs to have a mobile network, and the scanning of an Android phone is invalid
  7. After entering the background, it will be activated automatically
  8. After successful activation is displayed, click Reboot on the interface
  9. Use the new version!

download software here

Important reminder: If you have upgraded the 12.07 Demo version, please use the online update to upgrade to the latest version! Do not use this upgrade firmware upgrade!

            Do not power off during the upgrade process, follow the above steps (the file download password is Veelink789, please pay attention to the red font reminder above)

                       Upgrade applicable products

Upgraded interface

update content:

  1. Optimize the instrument of the song, and answer the phone on the steering wheel
  2. Join online upgrade and upload logs online.
  3. Add multi-language optional
  4. Join the pairing list to manage the connected mobile phones
  5. The wireless name calls the original car brand and maintains the original car style
  6. The new version of the software architecture is compatible with more models
  7. Optimize the wireless connection and make the connection more stable
  8. Compatible with the original car to adjust the night mode
  9. This upgrade is irreversible

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