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Chevrolet With AutoKit and uses the wireless Carplay function

This method is suitable for Chevrolet MyLink2.0, the original car has the Carlife icon

No need to crack, use the Carlife icon to switch and exit

  1. Download the installation package (click to download)
  2. Decompress the downloaded file and put the decompressed file into the root directory of the USB flash drive (the USB flash drive must be FAT32)
  3. Insert the U disk into the USB in the car
  4. automatically install the software and automatically open the software

5, plug in AutoKit hardware

6, use Carplay

  1. Since the original car’s microphone cannot be obtained, the Carlinkt (MIC) version must be used
  2. Support knob operation and square control operation (knob operation must be in AutoKit-settings-advanced settings-square control learning)

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