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Does Carlinkit Work With Android Auto? 

Overview Of Carlinkit And Android Auto

Carlinkit Is A Brand That Specializes In Creating Wireless Adapters For Car Infotainment Systems. One Of Their Most Popular Products Is The Carlinkit Wireless Adapter, Which Allows Users To Connect Their Smartphones To Their Car’s Infotainment System Wirelessly. The Carlinkit Wireless Adapter Is Compatible With Both Android Auto And Apple CarPlay.

Android Auto Is A Mobile App Developed By Google That Allows Users To Mirror Their Android Smartphone’s Screen Onto Their Car’s Infotainment Display. Android Auto Is Designed To Be Used While Driving, With A Simplified Interface That Makes It Easy To Access Music, Maps, And Other Apps Without Taking Your Eyes Off The Road.

The Carlinkit Wireless Adapter Is A Great Way To Add Wireless Android Auto Functionality To Your Car’s Infotainment System. It Allows You To Connect Your Android Smartphone To Your Car’s Display Wirelessly, Without The Need For A USB Cable. This Is Especially Useful If Your Car’s Infotainment System Doesn’t Support Wireless Android Auto Natively.

The Carlinkit Wireless Adapter Is Easy To Set Up And Use. Simply Plug It Into Your Car’s USB Port, Connect Your Smartphone To The Adapter Via Wi-Fi, And You’re Ready To Go. The Adapter Supports Both 2.4GHz And 5GHz Wi-Fi Networks, So You Can Choose The One That Works Best For You.

Compatibility Requirements

Carlinkit Is A Wireless Adapter That Enables Android Auto And Apple CarPlay Connectivity In Vehicles That Don’t Have These Features Built-In. While Carlinkit Works With Android Auto, There Are Certain Compatibility Requirements That Must Be Met. In This Section, We Will Discuss The Supported Android Devices, Required Android Auto Version, And Carlinkit Firmware Compatibility.

Supported Android Devices

Carlinkit Works With Android Devices Running Android 4.3 Or Higher. However, Not All Android Devices Are Supported. According To The Carlinkit Website, The Following Android Devices Are Supported:

  • Samsung Galaxy S10/S9/S8/S7/S6/Note 10/Note 9/Note 8
  • Google Pixel 4/3/2/1
  • Huawei P30/P20/Mate 20/Mate 10
  • Sony Xperia XZ2/XZ3

If Your Android Device Is Not On This List, It May Still Work With Carlinkit, But It Is Not Officially Supported.

Required Android Auto Version

To Use Carlinkit With Android Auto, You Must Have Android Auto Version 6.0 Or Higher Installed On Your Android Device. You Can Download Android Auto From The Google Play Store. If You Have An Older Version Of Android Auto, You May Need To Update It Before Using Carlinkit.

Carlinkit Firmware Compatibility

Carlinkit Firmware Must Be Compatible With Your Vehicle’s Head Unit. According To The Carlinkit Website. Carlinkit 5.0 Is Compatible With Most Head Units That Support Wireless CarPlay. However, It Is Important To Check The Compatibility List On The Carlinkit Website Before Purchasing The Adapter.

Installation Process

Connecting Carlinkit To Your Vehicle

To Install Carlinkit, You First Need To Connect It To Your Vehicle. The Carlinkit Device Comes With A USB Cable That You Can Use To Connect It To Your Car’s USB Port. Once Connected, The Device Will Start Up And The Red Light On The Carlinkit 5.0 (2air) Will Turn On.

To Complete The Connection, You Need To Turn On Your Android Phone’s Bluetooth And WiFi And Connect To The Product’s Bluetooth (AutoKit Xxx). After Your Android Phone Is Connected, Click On The “Android Auto” Option To Start Using Carlinkit.

Setting Up Android Auto

After Connecting Carlinkit To Your Vehicle, You Need To Set Up Android Auto On Your Phone. First, Download The Android Auto App From The Google Play Store. Once Installed, Open The App And Follow The On-Screen Instructions To Set Up Android Auto.

After Setting Up Android Auto, Connect Your Phone To Carlinkit Using The USB Cable Provided With The Device. Once Connected, Android Auto Will Start Automatically, And You Can Start Using It To Access Your Phone’s Apps, Music, And Other Features Through Your Car’s Infotainment System.

Functionality And Features

Carlinkit Is A Wireless Adapter That Allows Android Auto To Connect To A Car’s Infotainment System Without The Need For A USB Cable. The Adapter Is Easy To Install And Provides A Reliable Wireless Connection. In This Section, We Will Discuss The Various Features And Functionalities Of Carlinkit.

Wireless Connectivity

Carlinkit Provides Wireless Connectivity Between Android Auto And A Car’s Infotainment System. The Adapter Is Compatible With Most Android Smartphones And Car Models. Once The Adapter Is Installed, Users Can Connect Their Phone To The Car’s Infotainment System Via Bluetooth And Wi-Fi. The Wireless Connection Is Stable And Provides A Seamless Experience.

Voice Commands

Carlinkit Supports Voice Commands, Which Allows Users To Control Their Phone’s Functions Using Their Voice. Users Can Use Voice Commands To Make Calls, Send Messages, And Play Music. The Voice Command Feature Is Easy To Use And Provides A Hands-Free Experience.

Navigation And Music Streaming

Carlinkit Allows Users To Access Their Favorite Navigation And Music Streaming Apps Through The Car’s Infotainment System. Users Can Use Their Phone’s Navigation App To Get Directions And Listen To Music Through Their Favorite Music Streaming App. The Navigation And Music Streaming Features Are Easy To Use And Provide A Convenient Experience.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Carlinkit Is A Popular Dongle That Allows Android Auto To Work Wirelessly. However, Like Any Technology, It May Encounter Issues. Here Are Some Common Problems That Users May Experience And Some Potential Solutions.

Connectivity Problems

One Of The Most Common Issues With Carlinkit Is Connectivity Problems. If You Encounter Connectivity Issues With Your Carlinkit 5.0 (2air) Dongle, Such As Manual Connection, CarPlay Or Android Auto Connection Problems, Or Disconnections, Follow These Troubleshooting Steps For Potential Solutions:

  • Update The Dongle’s Firmware To Version 0602 (If Available).
  • Access The Backend Page Of The Box And Modify The HULink Type To Carplay/Android Auto.
  • Access The Backend Page Of The Box And Modify The WIFI Band To 149.
  • Go To The Box Web Backend And Set The Frame Rate To 20, And The Video Bitrate To 2/4.
  • Go To The Box Web Backend And Set The Frame Rate To 0, And The Video Bitrate To 6.

Software Glitches

Software Glitches Can Also Cause Issues With Carlinkit. If You Experience Software Glitches, Try The Following:

  • Clear The Cache Of Google Services: Open Phone Settings->Apps And Notifications->Google Play Services->Storage And Cache->Clear Storage Space.
  • Clear Android Auto Cache: Go To Your Phone’s Settings->Connections->WiFi-> Autokit*** ->Enter The Password (12345678).
  • Restart Your Phone And The Carlinkit Dongle.

Audio And Display Issues

If You Encounter Audio And Display Issues With Carlinkit, Try The Following:

  • Make Sure Your Phone And Carlinkit Dongle Are On The Same Wi-Fi Network.
  • Check The Volume On Your Phone And Make Sure It Is Not Muted Or Turned All The Way Down.
  • Check The Volume On Your Car Stereo And Make Sure It Is Not Muted Or Turned All The Way Down.
  • Make Sure Your Phone Is Not In Power-Saving Mode, Which Can Affect The Display And Audio Quality.

User Experiences And Reviews

Carlinkit Has Received Mixed Reviews From Users Regarding Its Compatibility With Android Auto. Some Users Have Reported That The Carlinkit Adapter Works Seamlessly With Android Auto, Providing A Reliable And Wireless Connection To Their Car’s Infotainment System. They Have Praised The Adapter For Its Compact Size, Reliable Connectivity, And Fast Startup Time (1)(2).

However, Other Users Have Reported That They Have Experienced Connectivity Issues, Poor Documentation, And A Confusing Firmware Update Process With The Carlinkit Adapter (1). Some Users Have Also Reported That It Takes Multiple Attempts To Connect To Android Auto And That The Adapter Can Be Slow To Start Up (2)(3).

Software Updates And Support

Carlinkit Provides Software Updates And Support For Their Products, Including Compatibility With Android Auto.

According To The Carlinkit Official Website, The AutoKitools App Is Available For Carlinkit Products Upgrade And Supports Android 6.0 And Above. The Latest Version Of The App Is V1.0-20231031165452.

Users Can Download The AutoKitools App Directly From The Carlinkit Website, And It Is Compatible With Android 4.2.2 And Above.

The App Supports The Following Carlinkit Products: CPMAA2A, And 2air. The Website Provides A Downloads Update Log And Version That Users Can Refer To For More Information.

Carlinkit Products Are Not Recommended For Firmware Updates If Used Normally. However, If Users Need To Upgrade Or Downgrade The Firmware, There Are Three Ways To Obtain It.

First, Users Can Download The Firmware Directly Through The Carlinkit Official Website For The TBox Series.

Second, Users Can Obtain The Firmware By Email, And It Is Available For U Disk Upgrade For Historical Version Firmware.

Finally, Users Can Obtain The Firmware Through The Carlinkit Customer Service Team.

In Addition To Software Updates, Carlinkit Provides Support For Their Products.

Users Can Contact The Customer Service Team For Assistance With Any Issues Or Questions They May Have. The Carlinkit Website Also Provides A FAQ Section With Answers To Common Questions About Their Products.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Connect The Carlinkit Device To My Android Auto?

Connecting The Carlinkit Device To Your Android Auto Is A Straightforward Process.

First, Plug The Device Into The USB Port Of Your Car. Then, Turn On Your Android Phone’s Bluetooth And Wi-Fi, And Connect To The Product’s Bluetooth (AutoKit Xxx). Wait For The Red Light On The Carlinkit Device To Turn On.

Once The Connection Is Established, You Can Use Android Auto Wirelessly.

Is Carlinkit Compatible With All Android Auto-Enabled Vehicles?

Carlinkit Is Compatible With Most Android Auto-Enabled Vehicles. However, It’s Always A Good Idea To Check The Compatibility Of Your Car’s Make And Model With The Carlinkit Device Before Making A Purchase.

You Can Find A List Of Compatible Vehicles On The Carlinkit Official Website.

What Are The Requirements For Using Carlinkit With Android Auto?

To Use Carlinkit With Android Auto, You Need An Android Phone Running Android 5.0 Or Later, A Compatible Car With Android Auto, And A USB Port In Your Car.

Additionally, You Need To Download The Android Auto App From The Google Play Store And Have An Active Data Connection On Your Phone.

Can Carlinkit Enable Wireless Connectivity For Android Auto?

Yes, Carlinkit Can Enable Wireless Connectivity For Android Auto.

The Carlinkit 5.0 Is A No-Frills Android Auto Adapter That Brings Your Car’s Wired Android Auto To Your Phone Wirelessly. It Works Well Once It’s Up And Running, But It’s Hampered By Weak Documentation And A Lack Of Support.

Does Carlinkit Support The Latest Android 13 For Android Auto Integration?

There Is No Information Available At This Time About Whether Carlinkit Supports The Latest Android 13 For Android Auto Integration. However, Carlinkit Is Known For Providing Regular Updates To Its Products To Ensure Compatibility With The Latest Operating Systems.

Are There Any Specific Models Of Smartphones That Work Best With Carlinkit For Android Auto?

Carlinkit Works With Most Android Smartphones Running Android 5.0 Or Later. Some Users Have Reported Better Performance With Newer Smartphone Models.

Always Check Your Phone’s Compatibility With The Carlinkit Device Before Making A Purchase.

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