System Backend Settings

Reset: Restore the box to the state where you just upgraded, and delete all the connection records of the box, which is similar to restoring factory settings.

Sync Mode: In some cars that support the display of dashboard CarPlay media information, switch to sync mode when the media information is not displayed properly after using the box. In addition, switch to sync mode when the car does not recognize the box. After switching, the box has to be re-plugged to take effect.

Sound Quality: Switch it if there is lag and noise when playing music and other media after connecting to the box. After switching, the box has to be re-plugged to take effect.

Media Delay: Adjust the delay time of media sound. The default is 1000 milliseconds, and the adjustment range is 300- 2000 milliseconds. The larger the number, the less likely to lag, and the smaller the number, the higher the synchronization of music and image. This setting is related to the network in the car, please adjust it according to the actual situation.It is not recommended to adjust without abnormal condition.

Startup Delay: Set the time to delay communication with the car after the box is powered on. Adjust it if you need to re-plug it after getting into the car to recognize the box.

Frame Rate: Synchronize the frame rate of screen refresh after the box is connected to the phone. 

Automatic: The switch for the box to automatically connect to the connected phone. Can be set according to preference.

Background Mode: the default does not show the box’s UI. Turned on when the screen shows a black screen.

GPS: A setting of whether to use the original GPS or not. Turned on when navigation drift.

Rollback: Click the version number to go back or upgrade to a certain version.Usually it is the last stable version.

Feedback: When some problems occur during the use, if the user is willing to cooperate with the technical support to modify the problems, can click “Feedback” to fill in the relevant model information and the description of the problem, and then submit the relevant screenshot after completion. And there will be a corresponding prompt for successful uploading of the log.

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