Wireless Carplay adapter (autokit) for Chevrolet

This method is suitable for Chevrolet MyLink2.0, the original car has a Carlife icon

no need to crack, use the Carlife icon to switch and exit


1 download the installation package

2 decompress the downloaded file and put the decompressed file into the root directory of the U disk (the U disk must be FAT32)

3 Insert the USB flash drive into the USB

4 automatically install the software and automatically open the software


5 insert AutoKit hardware

6 use Carplay


7 because the original car microphone cannot be obtained, the Carlinkit (MIC) version must be used.

8 support knob operation and square control operation (knob operation must be in AutoKit-settings-advanced settings-square control learning).

(Autokit) Carlinkit CarPlay Dongle For Aftermarket Android Head Unit

Price: $44.99-$69.99

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