Android USB products-Autokit 2021 new version release and upgrade instructions

Upgrade Instructions:

  1. First, prepare a U disk smaller than 32GB and format it as “FAT32”
  2. Unzip the file first
  3. Copy the “Auto_Box_Update.img” file to the root directory of the U disk (blank)
  4. Insert the “product box” into the USB port of the car machine, the car machine interface displays: “Please connect the phone”
  5. Insert the U disk into the USB port at the bottom of the box to upgrade, the car interface displays: “Upgrading”
  6. When the product is upgraded successfully, it will display “The box has been upgraded successfully. Then, please pull out the U disk”
  7. Wait for the box to restart after the upgrade is completed, the car interface displays: “Please connect to the phone”


①Wait for 30 seconds after the upgrade is successful

②Unplug the U disk first, then unplug the box

③Finally, re-insert the box into the USB port of the car

Before operation, please connect the car and machine to the APP for online upgrade. If you can’t upgrade online, try this operation again.

Can only be used to upgrade the box with the version number of 2020.02.25.1536 and below

Download updated software here

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